The furniture market is expanding and huge opportunities are developing in online sales. Indeed, online sales are expected to account for 15% of the furniture market by 2020.  At FURNISH1, we started from the observation that many people who want to start selling furniture online encounter many problems due to a lack of information and experience. We are here to help ! Our strong point : we work in close collaboration with a Chinese industrial group that has been manufacturing furniture for more than 20 years, which allows us to have attractive ranges and renewed collections at competitive prices. In addition, we offer a full service packages developed by our team for you.

When do we start together ?

Market Survey & Product Design
We always seek to know and analyse trends and the furniture market in order to offer an ever more attractive range. We are constantly developing products and releasing new products every week. Our speciality is chairs but we also make tables, sofas, beds, tv cabinets, wardrobes, etc.
Production & Quality Control
We make our own furniture. Since we are specialized in E-commerce, our models are adapted to the web as well as the packaging (MOP). Because this step is important, we pay great attention to the quality of the product throughout the process. We do chemical and mechanical testing and also a quality inspection during production & at the end of production.
Logistic, Storage & shipping
We have a complete supply-chain which allows us to set up efficient logistics with all upstream and downstream stages under control. Thanks to our contract with 3 express operators, we can deliver customer all over Europe for all types of parcels.
After Sales & Customer Relashionship
The customer satisfaction is one of our priority. We deal with customer issues and so, you will not have to worry about it.
You will have access to different resources that our team creates to have an attractive presentation for each product. We take care of photo shoots, videos, marketing descriptions and market place referencing.

Interrested ?
You can email us or call us !